Ben Hames’ Quality

Short, Sweet, & Experienced

Ben has four years of photography experience, and he’s done over 100 events ranging from concerts, rodeos and large events, to more intimate photos like weddings, graduations, rallies and celebrations. Ben has worked with the world-renowned Calgary Stampede photographing big-name musicians like July Talk, Carley Rae Jepson, Milky Chance, Saint JHN, and many more. He started out his photography journey by teaching himself the ways of photography through trial and error; later, he attended SAIT’s Photojournalism program, where he learned how to summarize a story in a collection of photos, and began his career with sports photography shooting for names like the ACAC, CCAA and the SAIT Trojans. Now Ben balances his sporting events with his portrait and celebration photography, aiming to capture the character behind the initial nerves and draw people out so that they get to see the joy, determination, and passion they have experienced.

They say a photo is worth a thousand words, and his photos organize those words into a story. Let Ben frame the story of your next celebration.

Profound, Wild, & Observant

Ben is a young photographer that found his spark in photography back in the winter of 2018 when a night out in Banff turned into a life dedicated to photography.

When you’re young, you never want a night out with your best friends to end. The bars might shut their doors at 2:00 am, the streets may begin to clear, and the sound of drunken chants and hollers could fade, but the night Ben found his passion is a night where the desolate silence did more for him than any shout has ever done.

After a night out drinking with his friends in Banff, they were held up in a grandparent’s house to spend the night and avoid the $100 taxi back to Canmore. The morale was low throughout the house; the owners were asleep, and most of Ben’s friends were all starting to fade into their drunken slumber, but one was persistent to play something on the TV before the quiet house drowns out in intoxicated snores. Planet Earth was the contender and David Attenborough’s voice was the first to clash with the snores. Attenborough did a great job because Ben was glued to the TV like kids are glued to TikTok. All night he stayed up watching as each corner of the world and its inhabitants were paraded on the TV. The thought of witnessing such beauty in person had him locked in.

The following morning, slowly the drunken friends began to rise from their uncomfortable “beds.” Only one stayed down, and that was Ben in front of the TV. That same day, he called his boss in construction and requested a week off from work. He got the week off, borrowed his mum’s old Nikon D70, and drove up, between, and through the mountains that surrounded his childhood. After his week, of messing around with a camera and documenting his every view, he knew that this is what he was going to do for the rest of his life.

Now Ben’s full income comes from his love of photography, capturing whatever he can despite his teachers telling him to find his niche. Instead, he will photograph whatever comes his way with almost no refusal. He believes that an interesting life is what matters, so how can you have an interesting life if you refuse the things that scare, confuse, or intimidate you?