My first rally didn’t start how I’d hoped it would. The rally was to start at 10 a.m. in Canmore, at the park known as Riverside. Myself being a mess, I woke up at 10 a.m. and had to bike down with my camera and mask. When I arrived, I showed up to approximately a thousand ralliers. The first few speakers started to preach to the mass. I ran around with my camera in hand and my mask on-face. I was impressed to see that every person there was wearing a mask as well. Props to the speakers, constantly reminding everyone to wear a mask.

The rally had about an hour of talking, consisting of three speakers. After the speeches, we were grateful to hear that the local RCMP was going to shut down Main Street for our march. The march began at Riverside and ended at the local middle school, Lawrence Grassi Middle School. I got many photos of the march and the mass of people who filled the middle school field.

Everyone who was at Riverside marched through Main Street filing in through the gates. Not so social-distancing…

Everyone was filing into the field, finding a spot with their friends or families, social-distancing. There was a lady who I did not catch her name, but she had a loudspeaker, one of those handheld ones. She started chanting, “George Floyd, say his name!” Everyone piped in and started belting with her. We spoke those five words for what felt like half an hour. I climbed up onto the goal post on one side of the field to grab a shot that would capture the whole field.

A young man standing holding his fist up chanting “George Floyd, say his name!” amongst all the other rally-goers.

The only way to end a rally in the heat is with a few cold drinks. After the rally, I went to this new small tequila bar right off of Main Street. A few cold drinks turned into many, and the next thing you know, I was in my bed on my computer filing through the hundreds of photos I had taken that day. The first rally in Canmore and the best outcome anyone could have expected, it was indeed a fantastic sight. This rally only bound Canmore’s tight community even tighter. I’m excited to see what rally they have in store next.

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