When I moved to Calgary, one of the big things my friends were jealous of was the Tinder opportunity. There aren’t many in Canmore, you get through them in one sitting, and most of the people you see on the app you know from school or have seen them around town. In Calgary, there are a plethora of new people, and the odds of running into one of them in person are next to none. One of the first few ladies I matched with was gorgeous, but a few years older than me. That was no problem; with age comes wisdom. I probably used some stupid play-on words with her name to win her over. We got to chatting more and more until I realized it wasn’t going to go anywhere other than friends, so I invited her to take some pictures.

We found a date that worked for both of us, and now it was the waiting game. The day comes, and I head to her house. I park my truck outside and head for the door. She opens it with two other friends who are wanting to join. Knowing where I stood on the scale (dating), I wasn’t against the idea. So the four of us piled into her car, and we started our journey to Spray Lakes in Canmore, Alberta. The ride there was a lot of fun; it felt like I was with my sisters in a car going on a road trip. For the whole ride, there was zero silence. First, we’d be talking about some guy one of them was dating and complaining about what he did last night at some party, then without hesitation; we’re talking about singing careers and how girl #3 will make it in the big leagues. She wasn’t too bad if I do say so myself.

We arrive at the spot after some trudging through the snow. The day is perfect, with not many clouds in the sky. They all hopped out of the car and followed me to a picturesque spot. Girl #3 was hungover from the party she was at the night before, so she avoided the camera and instead helped me with keeping the ladies smiling/laughing. I went through about 1000 photos that day in a span of half an hour. I think I had one photo with me in it, but all the others were of the ladies. We tried a bunch of angles, ideas, and emotions. Including one of my favourites: you grab an umbrella, place some fluffy snow into it and just before I take the shot, they bring it up above their head, so it looks like the snow is only coming from the umbrella.

We only spent about half an hour up spray because one of the girls had to go to work. So after a quick photoshoot, we headed down the snowy road into the town. Everyone was a little hungry, so I directed us to a local bagel shop called Bagel Co. We all grabbed some food and a coffee, then hopped back on the road. Once we got back, I drove home to my apartment, where I got to work on editing the photos. I would consider this part of my process as my favourite bit. I sent them the photos later the next day. I grabbed coffee with two of the three girls a month later, and that was the last I had talked to them.

Tinder is perceived in many different ways; some think it’s dumb; some think it’s terrific. Myself? I’d say it is different; what other apps can you find a relationship and a photo op on?

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